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We make it easy for you to connect with abundant opportunities in the world’s emerging markets. With our knowledge of these markets, we unlock tangible value for you, working with you to reach into areas that are right for your business. With our straightforward, streamlined APIs that minimise effort on your side, you’ll launch ahead of the rest. You’ll be fully supported, on time, on budget.

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Prepaid processing

Prepaid cards provide easy, convenient and secure access to funds anytime, anywhere.

Whether it’s offering a simple gift card, multicurrency for travel, payroll cards or general purpose reloadable cards for the unbanked – our solutions cater to a diverse audience with diverse needs.

Prepaid Processing

Companion processing

As a telco, bank or third-party issuer, companion processing means you can offer your customers physical or virtual prepaid cards linked to a separate store of value – such as a mobile wallet or bank account. This allows your customers the convenience of shopping without boundaries 24/7.

Our robust APIs can help you create instant standalone, easy-to-issue virtual cards that your customers can use to make secure online purchases.

Digital payments

Tutuka offers a suite of digital payment products ranging from tokenization services to open loop interoperable payments. Our sophisticated APIs provide a simple plug and play model to enable the issuing and accepting of payments via a smartphone application or a traditional banking system.

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