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Customers using this solution

  • Orange
  • True
  • MTN


Get ahead of your competitors by getting your customers transacting quickly

  • Seamlessly integrate into our platform using our flexible APIs, then add additional payment services as you expand.

  • Issue cards using the channels your customers want; from USSD to mobile applications and beyond.

  • Quickly and easily replicate and rollout into as many new countries as you choose, with just one integration.

  • Quickly scale-up your programme to create an evolving product suite, adaptable to your customers’ changing needs.

  • 6 weeks to launch virtual cards
  • 8 weeks to launch physical cards

Sidestep complexity

Making the entire process of implementing new payment services simple and smooth

  • As global certification experts, we handle all complex certification-processes with global card schemes, card manufacturers, and other third parties.

  • Easily create one cohesive platform for customers to manage both Telco and payment services.

  • Localisation is our specialty. We learn and understand each individual market in which we train teams and launch products.

  • Our Processor Plus service model simultaneously manages complex backend reconciliation and intuitive reporting processes.

  • Our PCI DSS Level 1 Security Certification lets you avoid the complexities of holding card data.

  • 24/7/365 global support
  • Reconciliations done in 30 minutes – every day.


Our innovative, easily-integrated solutions keep Telcos at the forefront of payment technology

  • Use our APIs to create first-in-market payment services that will differentiate your business.

  • Cutting-edge digital payment technologies that merge seamlessly with existing Telco business models.

  • Create a virtual card in one step, and your customer can use it to pay anywhere.

  • Complete a tailored digital experience; add tap-and-pay, tokenisation, bill-paying services, and more.

  • Control how and where your customer spends, while they manage their card directly via a mobile app.

We know Telcos

We’re experts at helping Telcos extend their services to payments and beyond, with the track record to prove it.

  • We’ve pioneered proven, industry-specific products and services through understanding the unique needs of each client and their customers.

  • Leverage our experience and sophisticated transaction information to differentiate your product in the market.

  • Track rich, intuitive customer-transaction data to enhance your entire customer experience.

  • Apply discounts, add loyalty points, and include other value added-services to stand out above your competitors.

  • 43 countries live

Key benefits for Telcos

  • Virtual cards

    Issue virtual cards, instantly.

    Open your customers’ worlds with open-loop virtual cards for simple international e-commerce, money transfers, and digital mobile payments.

  • Tokenisation

    Enable Tap-and-Pay from mobile devices

    Create a complete digital experience. Enable cards that can be tokenised into any X Pay. Or, become a token-requester yourself.

  • Numberless cards

    Card details that can never be compromised

    Our enhanced numberless card offering secures card information, while giving customers access from inside a secure mobile app.

  • QR Payments

    Read, scan, simple...

    Enable secure, contactless QR payments. Let your customers issue or read QR codes easily and safely, across the globe.

How we're helping Telcos expand their services

The world’s first mobile Companion Card

Tutuka helped Orange launch a virtual money card solution for Orange Botswana – the first mobile Companion Card in the world. This is one of Visa's most successful non-bank initiatives, where Tutuka enabled a centralised global company with heavy compliance requirements to launch and run programmes like an agile Fintech. Orange Money customers can now travel the world and have access to their money wherever they are.

  • Mobile money services processed over multiple countries

  • 1 million cards in circulation

  • Over 700 000 transactions per month

Southeast Asia’s largest Telco virtual card programme

We helped True build a dynamic payment platform that expanded their services beyond just mobile services to everyday services and a lifestyle app. Today, True’s mobile wallet platform TrueMoney has over 6 million customers.

  • Over 2 million transactions processed per month

  • 8 million cards in circulation

  • Live in Thailand and Vietnam

Why to choose Tutuka over the others

Typical processor Tutuka

Takes months to go live

We get your card program live within 4-12 weeks

Active in one specific region

Actively processing in over 43 countries worldwide

Don't assist with disputes

Help manage disputes and chargebacks

Undefined customers, one size fits all

Focus on serving fintechs, telcos, digital banks, and remittance companies that are new to card issuing, well.

Heavily reliant on third parties

Processing platform is 100% controlled and developed by Tutuka

New or no sponsor bank relationships

Strong, established sponsor bank relationships

No project managment

Project management

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  4. Plan your go-to-market strategy

  5. Your cards go live!

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