Tutuka for Money Transfer Providers

More ways for more people to move money

Our APIs provide cutting-edge disbursement mechanisms, so your customers can transact globally.

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Issue cards and get customers transacting in weeks, not months.

  • Scale your business fast by issuing new cards instantly.

  • Issue cards quickly, with your customers transacting from day one.

  • Launch in multiple countries, then add new markets as you grow, with just one integration.

  • Eliminate the need for cash-out agents with our single disbursement mechanism for all funds.

  • 6

    weeks to launch
    virtual cards

  • 8

    weeks to launch
    physical cards

Stay in control

Make the recipient your customer too, by controlling the entire disbursement cycle.

  • Issue cards to control funds all the way to the receiver, removing the need for cash-out agents.

  • Track customer behaviour while remaining part of the fund-flow from sender to receiver.

  • Create ever-improving customer experiences through powerful customer-spend insights.

  • Smooth payment ecosystems mean satisfied customers, repeat transactions, and recurring disbursements.

  • Keep funds in your control

  • Earn as cardholders spend

Secure disbursements

Get funds into customers’ hands, quickly, easily and safely.

  • Offer safe, secure ways for customers to receive funds anywhere, anytime.

  • Use existing payment rails to allow customers to shop and pay bills with cards online.

  • Secure card transactions using PIN, 3D Secure, and tokenisation technologies.

  • Our PCI DSS Level 1 Security Certification lets you avoid the complexities of holding card data.

  • Create a cashless ecosystem

Multi-country reach

Reach multiple markets with just one integration.

  • Our core processing engine handles all the complications around global processing.

  • We’re global certification experts, able to simultaneously certify multi-market programmes.

  • Our Global Implementations Team ensure smooth launches and rollouts in any market.

  • We link you with your chosen card scheme quickly; taking care of all complex certifications.

  • 1

    integration = multi-country reach

Key benefits for money transfer providers

  • Virtual or physical cards

    Your journey to seamless card-issuance starts here.

    Load disbursed funds onto virtual or physical cards instantly, while creating a single disbursement solution.

  • Tokenisation

    More secure ways for your customers to spend.

    Secure customers’ card information in high-risk markets by tokenising transactions.

  • QR Payments

    Read, scan, simple...

    Our APIs enable your customers to pay using either merchant or consumer-presented QR codes.

  • Multi-currency

    Issue cards in as many currencies as you like.

    Our platform enables multi-currency card-issuing with simple, built-in reconciliation processes.

Why to choose Tutuka over the others

Typical processor Tutuka

Takes months to go live

We get your card program live within 4-12 weeks

Active in one specific region

Actively processing in over 43 countries worldwide

Don't assist with disputes

Help manage disputes and chargebacks

Undefined customers, one size fits all

Focus on serving fintechs, telcos, digital banks, and remittance companies that are new to card issuing, well.

Heavily reliant on third parties

Processing platform is 100% controlled and developed by Tutuka

New or no sponsor bank relationships

Strong, established sponsor bank relationships

No project managment

Project management

What's next?

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  3. Easily integrate into Tutuka’s platform

  4. Plan your go-to-market strategy

  5. Your cards go live!

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