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Attract banked and unbanked customers by curating digital experiences to their specific needs.

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Get platforms running and customers transacting with minimal friction.

  • Use our simple, flexible APIs to quickly create new card programmes, or enhance existing platforms.

  • Avoid the extensive paperwork and red tape usually needed to open a traditional banking project.

  • Provide instant card issuance for new or existing customers.

  • Easily phase-in value-added services as your customers' needs grow and change.

  • 6 weeks for virtual cards
  • 8 weeks for physical cards


Access the newest technologies to offer world-class digital banking services.

  • Instantly issue virtual cards in one easy step with our flexible, intuitive APIs.

  • Issue numberless, tokenised cards, making tap-and-pay transactions easy and safe.

  • Easily integrate our full suite of digital payment services – including tokenisation, QR payments, and multi-currency – into any platform.

  • Working with the major global card schemes and our network of digital banks, we drive global trends by constantly evolving our offerings.

  • We pioneer and lead innovation on two fronts: features and security.

Sidestep complexity

We handle all the technical details upfront, providing simple solutions to complicated challenges.

  • Our established relationships with the major global card schemes ensure fast, smooth integration.

  • We're global certification experts, handling every aspect of the process.

  • We manage all phases of the payment journey; from certification, through to first live transaction.

  • Our PCI DSS Level 1 security certification lets you avoid the complexities of holding card data.

  • We handle all of the payment processes usually associated with a traditional bank, on your behalf.

  • 33 programmes
  • 43 countries

Control the customer experience

Attract both unbanked and banked consumers by tailoring dynamic customer experiences.

  • Issue cards in one step.

  • Let your customers manage their own cards from a secure banking app, with no branch visits.

  • Use our rich transaction data to analyse customer-spend behaviour and push the right value-added services.

  • Fully control the authorisation process.

  • Use transaction information to loop in loyalty programs, discounts, and merchant-specific rewards, in real-time.

Key benefits for Digital Banks

  • Virtual cards

    Giving cardholders immediate entry into the global payments ecosystem.

    Convert unbanked cash customers by enabling virtual cards for simple e-commerce, money transfers, bill payments and digital mobile payments. Cardholders can pay for goods and services online, as well as access and manage funds through their virtual card.

  • Tokenisation

    Enable tap-and-pay from mobile devices

    Offer a dynamic digital-payment service, enabling your customers to tap-and-pay securely at any merchant, using their mobile devices.

  • Numberless cards

    Card details that can never be compromised

    Our enhanced numberless-card offering secures your card information while giving customers sole access to view their card information from inside a mobile app.

  • QR payments

    Allow customers to spend, and merchants to receive funds, using QR payments.

    Create a dynamic, digital platform, allowing your merchants to get paid quickly and securely using a QR code… without requiring a traditional point-of-sale device.

How we're helping Digital Banks grow

“We are incredibly pleased to bring our card programme to life with the help of Tutuka, who has proven to be a very knowledgeable and reliable partner.”

Perseus Mlambo
Founder and CEO at Zazu

Money made simple

We helped Zambian-based Digital Bank, Zazu, launch its first virtual Mastercard linked to the Zazu mobile wallet. This allowed Zazu cardholders to easily access funds and connect to the global marketplace – for some cardholders, for the very first time.

  • Regional knowledge

  • Dynamic digital payment solutions

  • Quick-to-market

  • Widen product reach

More than just a bank

We partnered with Hong Kong’s livi bank to launch their ground-breaking virtual Mastercard debit card. The lifestyle-driven card gives customers one-click access to a globally accepted, contactless Mastercard, instantly and securely, with an innovative rewards club connecting around 2000 retail outlets.

  • Quick, seamless launch

  • One integration

  • Dynamic digital payment solutions

  • Simple APIs

World-class mobile banking for the unbanked

We enabled Mastercard virtual cards and QR payments for Wing, Cambodia’s leading mobile banking service provider, with over 4000 agent networks spread across the country. This meant that Wing could welcome customers with no credit history to open a bank account with a virtual card linked to it for small ticket purchases. This allowed customers to steadily build up their profile with the bank.

  • Quick and easy integration

  • Regional expertise

  • Over 600,000 previously unbanked consumers now own debit cards

  • Consumers can now transact locally and globally.

Dynamic digital banking

Tutuka partnered to help YOLO, Vietnam’s breakthrough digital bank, launch an innovative digital banking solution integrated with sophisticated payment tools. Users can access not only daily services such as taxis, movies, hotel bookings, and food and beverage orders, but also banking services including savings and loans associated with Mastercard. Yolo is now one of the strongest digital programmes in the region.

  • Fast, efficient rollout

  • One-step virtual and physical cards

  • QR payments

  • Capture new markets through dynamic user tools

Why to choose Tutuka over the others

Typical processor Tutuka

Takes months to go live

We get your card program live within 4-12 weeks

Active in one specific region

Actively processing in over 43 countries worldwide

Don't assist with disputes

Help manage disputes and chargebacks

Undefined customers, one size fits all

Focus on serving fintechs, telcos, digital banks, and remittance companies that are new to card issuing, well.

Heavily reliant on third parties

Processing platform is 100% controlled and developed by Tutuka

New or no sponsor bank relationships

Strong, established sponsor bank relationships

No project managment

Project management

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  5. Your cards go live!

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